Company Profile

The sun rises, shining big and bright. “Taiyo” means “sun”, and we at the Taiyo Group burn bright with a desire to be like the sun.

The Taiyo Group, with headquarters in Odakemachi, Nobeoka, was founded in 1949 as a manufacturer and seller of anhydrous sodium sulfate, which is used in detergents and dyes. Since then, we have expanded our business to include gypsum, bearings, stainless steel, machinery, cement, petroleum, housing equipment and materials, and items related to these business, as well as processing of stainless steel materials and manufacturing of stainless steel products. The group companies, meanwhile, are involved in a variety of businesses, including the manufacture and sales of wet concrete, transportation, and damage insurance.

Corporate Philosophy

We will continue creating happiness for our customers, for our employees and their families, and for the local community.


November 1949

Taiyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. (headquarters) founded in Osaka. Also founded the company’s Nobeoka factory. Purchased and processed hydrous sodium sulfate from the Asahi Kasei rayon plant to manufactural and sell neutral anhydrous sodium sulfate.

June 1959

The Osaka headquarters (Kyokuyo Co., Ltd.) and the Nobeoka factory were split, and the current Taiyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established anew in the city of Nobeoka with a capital of ¥4 million.

November 1960

Capital doubled to ¥8 million.

December 1960

Created controlled-circulation sodium sulfate manufacturing facilities.

October 1962

Capital increased 60% to ¥12.8 million.

March 1963

Trade department established in Ebisumachi, began selling shaft bearings (NSK Ltd., Asahi Seiki Co., Ltd.)

July 1963

Purchased the Yoshitama auto repair shop site in Hagimachi (relocated trade department) and began selling steel pipes (NKK Co.,Ltd) and stainless steel (Sumitomo Metal). 

June 1965

Became an official dealership of Mitsubishi Mining & Cement Co., Ltd. and began selling cement.

May 1966

Bought the Asahi Tekko factory site in Hagimachi. Opened SS (Esso Standard Oil) in December and began selling petroleum (Esso Nobeoka SS)

March 1968

Bought about 1983.5 square meters of land in Hirabarumachi Opened SS in August (Esso Nobeoka Bypass SS)

July 1974

Bought Yokoman Concrete Kogyo Co., Ltd (paid-in capital of ¥5 million) and renamed it Taiyo Kogyo Concrete Co., Ltd. The head office was placed within Taiyo Kogyo headquarters in Nobeoka as a fully-owned subsidiary, and the Hyuga factory in Hichiya, Hyuga began manufacturing and selling wet concrete.

November 1974

Capital doubled to ¥25.6 million.

April 1975

The Transportation Department became a standalone company called Taiyo Kogyo Transportation LLC (capital ¥6 million), which began transporting cement and sodium sulfate.

April 1978

The Trade Department Construction Equipment Center became independent as the Housing Department (Hinodemachi)

September 1979

Capital increased 50% to ¥38.4 million.

January 1982

The Insurance Department became a standalone company called Taiyo Insurance Service Co., Ltd. (capital ¥12.5 million).

October 1985

The Housing Department relocated to 5-1507-1 Hirabarumachi.

October 1988

The Trade Department relocated to the ironworks complex in Odakemachi.

October 1989

Trade Department opened Taiyo Kogyo Stainless Steel Center in Odakemachi. 

May 1993

Joint sales office for the Trade Department and the Housing Department opened in Hichiya, Hyuga.

May 2000

Sodium sulfate production ceased.

July 2000

Opened Miyazaki Sales Office in Ishibaru, Hongominamikata, Miyazaki.

May 2003

Hyuga Sales Office relocated to the Taiyo Kogyo Concrete Hyuga Plant.

November 2003

Departments scattered across the city of Nobeoka relocated and merged in the Nobeoka Ironworks Complex at 39-160 Odakemachi.

October 2010

Miyazaki Sales Office merged with the Hyuga Sales Office.

September 2016

Fukuoka Branch opened in Chuo Ward, Fukuoka


Headquarters (Group/Processing Center/Taiyo Kogyo Concrete Co., Ltd.) 
39-160 Odakemachi, Nobeoka 882-0024
TEL+81-982-32-6354 FAX+81-982-35-1113)

ENEOS Nobeoka SS
12 Hagimachi, Nobeoka 882-0052
TEL+81-982-33-4708 FAX+81-982-33-7101 

ENEOS Nobeoka Bypass SS
5-1505-5 Hirabarumachi, Nobeoka, 882-0866
TEL+81-982-33-6260 FAX+81-982-33-6224 

Hyuga Sales Office
12002-95 Aza-Ohama, Hichiya, Hyuga, Miyazaki 883-0062
TEL+81-982-53-7007 FAX+81-982-53-7100 

Fukuoka Branch
302 Ogawa Bldg., 1-2-11Maizuru, Fukuoka Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0073
TEL+81-92-741-5017 FAX+81-092-741-5018

Taiyo Kogyo Concrete Co., Ltd. (Factory)
12002-95 Aza-Ohama, Hichiya, Hyuga, Miyazaki 883-0062
TEL+81-982-52-5105 FAX+81-982-52-5106 

Taiyo Kogyo Transport LLC
39-160 Odakemachi, Nobeoka 882-0024
TEL+81-982-33-4680 FAX+81-982-33-4662 

Taiyo Insurance Service Co., Ltd.
5147-2 Hamamachi, Nobeoka 882-0862
TEL+81-982-35-1111 FAX+81-982-35-1112