High Quality to Customers


We sell various materials as a general trading company related to steel.

Sales of stainless steel pipes, steel products, and machinery
The main product we sell is stainless steel, which does not stain or rust, as well as iron or aluminum pipe materials, steel pipes, fittings, plates, die steel, decelerators, valves, bearings, and more. We also cut, bend, and weld stainless steel plates in-house (at our Stainless Steel Processing Center), allowing us to meet a wide range of needs.
Sales of housing equipment

Sales of sanitary ware, sinks, bathtubs, boilers, washbasins, and pumps Our unit bath installations and more help create a place of relaxation tailored to your interests and sensibilities.s
Sales of cement products

We carry ordinary cement as well as special cement, cement admixtures,ground improvement materials (U-Stabiler), various kinds of bentonite and other clays, quicklime, slaked lime, and more.
Service Station

We have two service stations, one in front of the Nobeoka Station in Hagimachi and one along the bypass in Hirabarumachi. With “full service everyone will love” as our motto, this service station strives to contribute to the local community as a source of vitality.
- ENEOS Nobeoka SS
- ENEOS Nobeoka Bypass SS
Processing Center

We take orders for everything from bending stainless steel plates to manufacturing and welding stainless steel tanks, girders, and more.

Group Companies

Taiyo Kogyo Concrete Co., Ltd.

Services and quality control that meet customer needs
With “quality control that meets customer needs” as our motto, each and every employee at the company strives daily to deliver even higher-quality wet concrete to customers and help develop the region together with the community.
- Gravel digging and sales of gravel, manufacturing and sales of wet concrete, and all related services - Kenhoku Wet Concrete Association member factory
- JIS certification numberGB0807121


Taiyo Kogyo Transport LLC

Precise, safe, and speedy
With “no accidents” as our motto, we strive for safe driving every day, and with vehicles to meet a wide range of needs, we work toward accurate and speedy operations primarily for medium-distance transportation.

- Transportation of cargo by truck
- Industrial waste collection and transportation
- Pallet rental services
- All services related to the previous items


Taiyo Insurance Service Co., Ltd.

Extra peace of mind and comfort
Have you ever felt anxious at the thought of disaster, incident, or accident? We will be your ally at such times, providing peace of mind and comfort. We hope for your happiness and will protect your life and livelihood with our damage insurance and life insurance services.
- Automobile insurance, mandatory vehicle liability insurance, fire insurance, property insurance, life insurance, and other insurance
- Sompo Japan agent, Sompo Japan Himawari Life Insurance recruiting agent, Dai-Ichi Life Insurance recruiting agent, all related services



Headquarters (Group)
TEL +81-982-32-6354 / FAX+81-98-235-1113

Sales Group 1 (Steel)
TEL+81-98233-6305 / FAX+81-982-21-3444

Sales Group 2 (Steel)
TEL+81-982-33-6305 / FAX+81-982-21-3444

Sales Group 3 (Equipment & Housing)
TEL+81-98235-7555 / FAX+81-98235-1113

Sales Group 4 (Cement)
TEL+81-982-21-5735 / FAX+81-982-35-1113

Stainless Steel Processing Center
TEL+81-982-21-6168 / FAX+81-982-21-3455

ENEOS Nobeoka SS
TEL+81-982-33-4708 / FAX+81-982-33-7101

ENEOS Nobeoka Bypass SS
TEL+81-982-33-6260 / FAX+81-982-33-6224

Hyuga Sales Office
TEL+81-982-53-7007 / FAX+81-982-53-7100

Fukuoka Branch
TEL+81-92-741-5017 / FAX+81-92-741-5018

Taiyo Kogyo Concrete Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)
TEL+81-98232-6354 / FAX+81-98235-1113

Taiyo Kogyo Concrete Co., Ltd. (Factory)
TEL+81-982-52-5105 / FAX+81-982-52-5106

Taiyo Kogyo Transport LLC
TEL+81-982-33-4680 / FAX+81-982-33-4662

Taiyo Insurance Service Co., Ltd.
TEL+81-982-35-1111 / FAX+81-982-35-1112